- Steel and stainless steel
- Aluminium
- Titanium
- Composites
- Plastics

3D CAD Design

- 3D modelling
- Photo realistic rendering
- Joint design
- Design optimisation


- Hand analysis
- FE analysis
- Fatigue analysis

Systems Engineering

- Specifications
- Requirements
- Testing & verification
- Documentation

IP Protection

- Patent process
- Prior art
- Costs and benefits



Interior Re- configurations

Interior monuments like galleys and lavatories are sometimes moved, modified or replaced to increase or reduce the number of seats in seating areas or to provide more facilities.

We were involved in the substantiation of the airframe to ensure the aircraft can support the new loads from the monuments. Interface loads are usually determined via FE analysis of the composite structure of the galleys and lavatories.


We also analyse galley details like cart restraints and grab rails for applicable load scenarios. These include crash loads or impact loads during sudden turbulence.



Ground support equipment

We have designed and analysed mobile aluminium stairs for the A330 which are used by maintenance crew to gain access to the aircraft away from the terminal. The stairs were a welded aluminium construction to keep mass low to allow pushing of the stairs by hand. The stairs were assessed against relevant Australian Standards and the analysis included wind load cases to ensure that the stairs are not blown over in strong winds.

Other items included the design of aircraft tow bar shear pins to ensure the pins fail before the nose landing gear is overloaded. The tow bar was used for multiple aircraft types and one shear pin configuration had to be suitable for all load cases to make error prove installation of dedicated shear pins unnecessary.


Aircraft repairs

We have designed many more or less complex repairs for Boeing 767, 747 and 707 aircraft. Often non – destructive methods like ultra sound, dye penetrant or x-ray inspections were specified to determine the extent of the damage.

Noteworthy projects include the replacement of wing front spar aluminium extrusions of a Boeing 707 aircraft of the Royal Australian Air Force. The repair required partial disassembly of the wing. It was the first time such a repair was attempted in Australia and saved the aircraft from being scrapped.