- Steel and stainless steel
- Aluminium
- Titanium
- Composites
- Plastics

3D CAD Design

- 3D modelling
- Photo realistic rendering
- Joint design
- Design optimisation


- Hand analysis
- FE analysis
- Fatigue analysis

Systems Engineering

- Specifications
- Requirements
- Testing & verification
- Documentation

IP Protection

- Patent process
- Prior art
- Costs and benefits


About Me

Karsten has an extensive sailing experience. It started at the age of two weeks when his parents took him out on their boat the first time. While still at school he started racing in the 'Pirat' and Contender dinghy in northern Europe. He competed in many major regattas like Kiel Week, European Championships and World Championships. While at uni he also worked as a skipper sailing from the Azores to Spain and on numerous trips on the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas. He even crossed the Baltic below the surface on board of a submarine during his military service.

Karsten has a diverse engineering background. He studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Braunschweig in Germany. One of his research thesis was written at the University of Sydney after competing in the Sydney Contender Worlds. He completed other research projects in numerical aerodynamics and examined the influence of dents in aircraft fuselages for Airbus in Hamburg.

After completing uni Karsten moved back to Australia and worked as a structural engineer for Qantas Airways designing repairs for various passenger and military aircraft. When the opportunity came up to join SP Technologies (Gurit) to work in his field of passion he took this chance and started designing the composite structure of many racing and cruising yachts. Customers included major yacht designers like Reichel - Pugh, Dubois and German Frers. Highlights were the design of a cruising yacht for the late Roy Disney, modifications to the two 100ft racing yachts Wild Oats XI and Alfa Romeo, the Yendys project with McConaghy China and a Super Yacht build by Yachting Developments in New Zealand.

Karsten gained experience on very large projects, fatigue design of steel structures and the latest 3D cad and engineering software after joining DownerEDI Rail. The project was to design and build 78 new trains for the Sydney rail network with a total value of AUD 3.6 billion. He was responsible for the design of the composite floors and the attachment of external items like the doors, roof equipment and underframe equipment to the train body structure.